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Mini Rectangle Self Inker 20 $15.00

Ideal Rectangular Self-Inking Stamp.


Medium Rectangular Self Inker $17.00

Impression area .562" x 2.375" (15mm x 61mm).


Large Rectangular Self Inker 40 $19.00

Impression area 1" x 2.5" (25mm x 63mm). Please allow add'l 1-2 days for delivery.


Large Round Self Inker 40 $25.00

The 42mm diameter impression area and a protective dust cover. Please allow add'l 1-2 days for delivery. The diameter of this Round Self Inker is 42 mm. It will be a perfect choice for approval of different papers and documents when you deal with your business partners and make important agreements. Despite the fact that the level of price is rather low, this stamp has several important features such as special cover that protects it from dust. In addition this stamp is very easy to use and keep. You will get your order within a couple of days.

Nowadays it is very hard to imagine a company, which doesnt have its own custom stamp. It is used for approval of different documents and papers. Our website would like to offer you a good opportunity to order stamps online. It will help you to keep your time and money as all our goods are being sold at the lowest price. The highest quality of all our stamps is guaranteed by the fact that they are produced using modern technologies and innovations. These new methods make it possible for us to create the latest stamping products that will surely suit all your demands and needs.

Another good advantage is the fact that our company has a big experience in this field which gives us an opportunity to provide our customers with custom rubber stamp of all sizes and stamps. The wide range of different products that are available on our website include large and small rectangular inkers as well as round self inkers.

The main feature of our web-shop is the ability to deliver your order as soon as possible. We ship your package during the same day. Another thing that will surely attract your attention is low price of our goods in combination with the highest quality.

Moreover our resource will give you a perfect chance to order stamps online. You will find the process of purchase very easy and fast. All you have to do is to visit our website and choose the right category and necessary stamp, then click the add to cart button and you will get your order within a couple of days. In addition we offer our clients permanent support. You can contact our specialists who are always ready to provide you with all necessary information as well as consult regarding different custom rubber stamp that will turn out to be essential tool in order to make your business prosperous and effective.

All our products are produced by the most famous brands that are famous for their quality. They will serve for a long period of time, which means that you are able to make over 100000 impressions. You are able to buy stamps for less than $20 which is a real bargain! Hurry up and visit our website in order to save your time and money. We are always happy to meet our new clients as well as appreciate long-term cooperation. Our company can become a reliable partner which is aimed on making your business as prosperous as possible.

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