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Deluxe Kit $27.99

Deluxe Kit
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Deluxe corporate kit is our bestseller for many years. Made from the best and the most durable materials it looks nice and contains the set of useful forms and papers for your new and/or established business. We can supply deluxe corporate kits for any business entity or a non for profit corporation. We will ship your deluxe corporate kit same day and you will receive it very soon.

Please also check our fancy kit and leather kit When you start a new business you will always need new documents and forms which will help you in your work. In order to save your time and money and so that you would obtain everything in one place we offer our corporate kits where you will find all necessary stuff, including embossing seal, shares, and much more. We have been in this business for many years and we know the needs of our clients. Our office location gives us the possibility to deliver an entire order in the fastest possible way.

For many years our company has served private individuals, attorneys and incorporation companies. Our products gained an excellent reputation for their quality and competitive pricing. So get the best for less! Why overpay? Buy this Deluxe corporate kit from the first hands. if you are professional accountant or lawyer please contact us to discuss our special promo program for professionals. Kit Include:

Binder with gold detailing

Insertable label holder on spine

Preprinted minutes and bylaws (Operating Agreement for LLC)

Customized folding Corporate or LLC Seal with NEW Naugahyde carry pouch or box

20 custom printed, numbered Stock Certificates (Membership Certificates for LLC)

Stock Transfer ledger

Special Forms Section - Including IRS requirements for Sub-Chapter S filing and Section 1244 forms (for Corporation)

Specialized index dividers

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