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Do I need a corporate kit and seal?

A Managing Director of a newly incorporated corporation may wonder "do I need corporate kit and seal?" The answer is obviously yes. Corporate kit is a well organized binder with several things that the company would need almost immediately after its incorporation. For example, it is necessary to maintain record of the first board meeting in which the board of directors do several important things such as authorize one or more directors to open and operate a bank account with specific banks, approve some pre-incorporation contracts, and allot shares to the first shareholders. more »

The Basics of Corporate Kits and Seals

Ever heard of corporate kits and seals? Well, I am sure you have that is why you are on this page. If, by any chance, you have not heard of it then take this opportunity to learn a little about it. Corporate kits make the running of a company easier because they keep all the records of a company in one place. Many people often ask themselves, why should I have corporate kits for my company? The reasons are simple, it makes compliance very easy and secondly, it is a legal requirement that a company has it. more »

Understanding the Corporate Seal

A corporate seal is a small press in which a document or some sort of important information is placed in order to be embossed. The imprint itself, made by the seal, will show the name of the company, the date in which the company became incorporated, and the state in which the company is incomporated. In the past, corporate seals were mandatory in the entire United States, but now in some states, it is optional. It should be noted however that most companies, even if it not mandatory in their state, utilize the corporate seal. They use this seal still because it showcases a special authority and it is a matter of official formality. more »

Corporate kit and seal

Amendments to the US corporation laws have dispensed with the need to affix corporate seal on every document that is material such as deeds, and share certificates. However, the amendments have also let corporations to internally govern the usage of corporate seal. A corporate seal is usually referred to as common seal. There are many countries that continue to use corporate seals as a proof of document's authenticity. more »


It would be a wise person that would question the purpose of a corporate seals. Unknown to too many people is the fact that there was a point in time where the only way to certify a document as legal was to emboss it. The advent of photo copying and transmission devices such as fax machines, some would say, have in the past few decades rendered the corporate seal unnecessary and almost useless. more »

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