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written by: Batte123

It would be a wise person that would question the purpose of a corporate seals. Unknown to too many people is the fact that there was a point in time where the only way to certify a document as legal was to emboss it. The advent of photo copying and transmission devices such as fax machines, some would say, have in the past few decades rendered the corporate seal unnecessary and almost useless.

The fact is if you were to ask anyone in the sector of business and finance about the purpose of corporate seals, you would quickly learn that the practice is nowhere near as necessary as some institutions and individuals attempt to make it out to be; no bank or office or establishment out there will specifically make the corporate seal a prerequisite for carrying out any business, not legally anyway and it unlikely that not many people in the world, developed or otherwise, have ever laid eyes on an embossed document, at least not recently.

Yet a myriad of businesses today are in the business of using corporate seals with the express aim of adding a sense of authenticity to their documents. For many firms, the corporate seal is a prerequisite for certain types of documents such as contracts, stock certificates and the like, all of which a business will insist on issuing with its seal.

Thought recent changes in the law have made the corporate seals an unnecessary requirement, the surge of its use, especially in the world of finance, whether it is a small or big businesses, make a case for the indulgence of this ancient sometimes forgotten tool.

So the big question might be where to buy a corporate seal and kit? In case of ignorance on the matter, a seal is a unique mark that is impressed into a document using a special tool kit and deciding to acquire a seal and kit will take some planning and the steps can be summarized as such:

So you obviously kick things off by first and foremost designing the seal in mind. Inspiration will vary depending on the mind carrying out the design, though most people will find a local stationary or company that they possess interest in purchasing a seal from and look at a couple of examples. The important portions that one must take note of to include in the design are the company's legal name, the date, month and the year and state related information such as the country, all the while making considerations for the size of the letters chosen, the font, their shape and order. Some might be apprehensive about doing the design themselves; hiring an experienced artist will do just fine

Take into consideration the style you wish to use, varying from rubber stamps to steel embossers, the purpose of which is to make an impression and statement about the company in question.

A viable option might be the corporate seal kit which, rather than having to collect all the items you need individually, provides you with everything you need all in one place; corporate kits will include a corporate seal, meeting records, blank stock certificates, by law adoption forms and so on. Kits will in some cases come in variety, taking into consideration the different needs that plague different companies. When looking at corporate kits in an establishment, your focus should be on the seal contained within when making the choice.

Within each of the different corporate seal styles are a variety of types; the next step is to choose a preferred type best on one's tastes and interests, with rubber stamps including ink pads and the self inking type, while the steel embossing type includes cast iron desk, electric, long reach, and automatic.

Print you design, send it in to the company of choice and make an order, either via email or in person. The company will contact you when the job is done or mail it to your location.

It is necessary that you locate a reliable company that can best meet your needs, one that will provide the utmost attention in creating quality seals and kits, customized to your every need and which will partner with you over a long period of time to support the activities of your business.

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