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Understanding the Corporate Seal

written by: luismartin


A corporate seal is a small press in which a document or some sort of important information is placed in order to be embossed. The imprint itself, made by the seal, will show the name of the company, the date in which the company became incorporated, and the state in which the company is incomporated. In the past, corporate seals were mandatory in the entire United States, but now in some states, it is optional. It should be noted however that most companies, even if it not mandatory in their state, utilize the corporate seal. They use this seal still because it showcases a special authority and it is a matter of official formality.


A corporate seal can be very important to a business or a company. They can especially be important when a business wants to open up a LLC or a corporate bank account. It can also prove to be quite essential when a company is trading or distributing stock, or membership activity, or exchanging official information about important business activities. When you are handling active LLC's, a customized corporate seal is typically a part of the corporate seal kit.


A corporate seal kit is typically stored inside of a customized pouch. In regular circumstances, a corporate seal and a company seal are about 1 5/8 inches in diameter. As we mentioned before, the seal is customized with the official corporate name, the state the company is based out of, and the year in which the company was filed. All of this information is very important to know if you are looking to get the right corporate seal information, otherwise, it will not have the information that is needed in order to signify authority and formality.


A corporate seal can come in various formats and they often run a number of different prices, depending on what you get exactly. If you purchase a rubber stamp and an ink pad, the kit may run as low as $5. If you purchase a steel embosser seal, then the cost can skyrocket up to $100. Your company will have to choose the seal that is best for the company and what fits the most into the overall budget. It also will depend on how much you will used the seal and how important its appearance is to you and your business.


A corporate seal kit can be very attractive, extremely durable, and rich in quality. In addition to that, the embossed seal features very clear impressions and it is very versatile in any condition. There is a look for every company and every budget. Whether the amount of customers you have are high or low, there are all different types of seals that will fit your needs. In addition to business and corporate use, corporate seals are also great for personal use as well. Also, pocket sized, desk sized, and electic sized models are available for you to purchase and use. Once again, it ultimately depends on your personal or business preference.

The stamp is usually round in nature, though sometimes you may come across a square one. But overall, round corporate seals are the shape you should go for.


Corporate seals are ultimately based for your convenience. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, then using business or corporate seals will help put you on the right track. This holds especially true for small business that are looking to earn some respect around their market. By utilizing corporate seals, you are signifying how serious and dedicated your company is and how much you believe in your company's investment. From there, more people may invest in your company as well.

In regards to customers, corporate seals often establish a trust that is needed in order for people to purchase something from your company. Trust is one of the most important aspects of business, and by establishing trust, you are ultimately increasing your sales significantly.

A corporate seal is designed for fast set up and easy corporate documentation and record keeping. They essentially give your business a very professional look and feel, something is essential for every serious company that is out there. So take the time today to invest in a corporate seal. You will not regret this investment and you will be helping your business grow significantly.

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